How Will Wearable Devices Impact HR?


Wearable devices are taking the world by storm. I caught the craze over the summer and purchased a pair of Google Glass for the team. We have probably utilized the device for no more than 40 hours total. It is not that it is not cool, its just not meaningful at the moment. And people give you that weird dumbfounded look when you have the on in public.

We acquired a pair of Glass to gauge of how wearables will impact HR. Since we provide companies with recruitment software , we are investigating what the future might look like. Here are my 3 quick thoughts on what wearables could be used for!

1. Wearable Glasses will be utilized to record and assess in-person interviews. Once someone passes their interview through HireVue or TakeTheInterview, an in-person interview will be established with a recruiter or hiring manager. By equipping themselves with a device, such as Google Glass, the interviewer could record and gauge the applicants responses to questions. All types of data can be measured and stored for current and future purposes. Simple reactions to certain questions could alert the recruiter to whether this person is a good fit for the position or not.

2. Wearable watches or beacon enabled phones could allow for accurate time tracking of employees. Are they where they are supposed to be? Can an employer cut down on fraud my having a second time clock gauge? I think so.

3. Wristband or Bracelets, think FitBit, could monitor the health of employees while working at strenuous jobs. Imagine a HR manager monitoring 200 carpenters at a worksite. If the heart rate of one of the employees is dangerously high, why not send them a buzz to take it easy? Might cut down on a potential heart attack and worker’s compensation.

Once again, these are just a few thoughts and ideas that I have.

– Alex