Using Video Interviewing for Holiday Hiring

supermarket saleswoman standing in store

If you’re a retail store manager or owner, one of your biggest challenges is likely staffing your business for the holiday season. This is the most important time of year for the retail industry. According to ShopperTrak, consumers spent $22.23 billion dollars over Black Friday and the following weekend in 2013. Missing out because you’re understaffed for the holiday rush could mean the difference between making a profit and taking a loss for the year.

You’re already dealing with many issues when gearing up for holiday sales, from inventory to scheduling your current employees, and most retail stores don’t have a full HR department to back them up. Thankfully, you can take advantage of new methods to help you balance new hiring with your other tasks. Video interviewing helps you get through the holiday hiring process in an efficient way, so you have more time to spend on planning your store layout, window displays, and ordering the latest must-have products.

Video interviewing comes in two major categories: live and pre-recorded. Live interviewing takes place through a live video stream involving the interviewer (or interviewers) and interviewee. This style of video interviewing is close to a traditional interview, without the hassle of scheduling time and space for the interview to take place.

Pre-recorded interviews work well as the first round of screening applicants. Instead of putting your interviewers – or yourself – through live video interviews with all the applicants, they can use a webcam to respond to a series of standard interview questions you’ve recorded in advance. You’re allowed to go through these recordings at your convenience, taking time to pay attention to the experience, knowledge, and personality of applicants instead of rushing to hire people who may not be right for the job.

The biggest advantage of this process is that these initial questions only have to be recorded once. Your interviewers only have to schedule one session, which can be used to review responses from multiple candidates. It’s also convenient for applicants, because they can record their answers during their free time. Interviewers can then schedule in-person or live video sessions with the short list of potential hires, and determine which people are best suited to your open positions and company culture.


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