What the US Government Shutdown Means for Retailers

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Are you worried about the recent government shutdown? Do you find yourself concerned about the lingering effects of how the federal gridlock might impact retail businesses? You’re not alone. Lots of companies are worried—and probably for good reason. Up to 29% of surveyed shoppers said they might change their spending habits or plans in response to the uncertainty brought on by the United States’ recent federal shutdown. But are things really as drastic as they appear? Other sources say it might even benefit retailers this holiday season. Read on

Test Your Hiring IQ With The Recruiting Boss Quiz

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Are you looking to take your recruitment process to the next level? Are you planning on hiring any new employees in the foreseeable future—or even temporary employees, for the holiday season? How would you like to learn more about the best ways that you can manage your recruitment? Would you believe us if we told you that all this learning is completely free? Enter Recruiting Boss, powered by gatherDocs. RecruitingBoss is your friendly and easy way to learn valuable tips about:

• What makes a good recruiting strategy

• How to keep up with your applications

• How to communicate with your applicants, so they know their application didn’t disappear somewhere

• The best ways to manage your hiring and interviewing workflow Read on

3 Ways To Reduce Your Crazy HR Spending

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How much is your HR costing your business? Is it a significant chunk of your budget? Wouldn’t you like to save money with your HR and hiring workflows? Well, guess what? You should be spending a lot less on HR than you are right now—and you can! Here are three ways that your company can save money in your HR department.

1. Going paperless can save you all kinds of money! Have you ever thought about how much paper your company buys and uses? How many trees did your business kill last year? In the United States alone 72 million tons of paper are produced each year—that’s equal to more than 9 million elephants! And think of this astonishing fact: every time you use a piece of paper, that simple sheet of paper will end up costing your between 13 times and 31 times its original price—for a $5 ream of paper, that could be $155!

2. Avoid replacing key employees. We know it can be hard to hold on to good employees—or, if your need to get rid of someone, it can be difficult to find their replacement. And the statistics prove it: it can cost lots of money to replace employees—a line cook can cost $2,077 to replace, and an hourly store employee can cost up to $4,291 to replace!

3. How to you find and keep good employees? One great way to do that is to use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for managing your candidate pipeline. Simply put, this is one of the biggest areas where your business can save money. Using an automated system in HR can reduce your costs by up to 47%! And it can save you up to 60% in recruitment costs alone!

Use An Applicant Tracking System or Get Sued for Discrimination!

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Does your business use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) yet? If not, why not? You don’t to want to be required to use one by a court order, do you? Well, in just a few recent cases, large companies were forced by court order to use an ATS after large-scale lawsuits alleging hiring discrimination. Is your company next? It doesn’t have to be! Get in on the wave of the future while it’s still an advantage. Read on

Not Enough Applicants? 3 Tips to Get More

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Let’s face it—you can always use a larger applicant pool when it comes to hiring. You want to choose the best among all applicants, after all. But it can be difficult sometimes to get people to apply for your job postings. What can you do if you’re not getting the volume of applications that you want? Here are some tips for boosting your presence and getting your job opening out there: Read on

Get Mobile or Get Left Behind—3 Ways to Maximize Mobile Recruiting

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How many times do you think qualified young applicants are visiting your career page on their mobile device, and just tapping the X button to close their browser tab? Does your business really have a career page that’s mobile-optimized for Android, iPhones, and iPads? Here are three ways that your company can get ahead of the curve for mobile job applications: Read on

You Can Save Tons of Money in Your Recruiting Process

Optimize Human Resources_gatherDocs InfographicIf only there were infinite time (and money)—then maybe all the HR work would get done! But as it is, most HR professionals don’t have enough time to get everything completed—especially if you’re looking to hire new employees. But in addition to all the time that goes into HR and recruitment, think about all the money that gets sucked down the tubes. Do you know how much it costs to replace a typical employee? How about a line cook. They couldn’t be too expensive, right? How about $2,077? Or how about an hourly retail employee—$4,291! Does it really have to be this expensive? Can’t there be a better way to hire and replace employees?

Well, one of the best ways to save your HR department time and money is to move to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). By augmenting the hiring process with software, your business could see huge savings. Automated systems can reduce application expenses by 47%—and recruitment expenses by 60%! In one high-profile case at Google, a strategy of optimization streamlined their hiring practices by almost 800%. In the past, it had taken as many as 29 job interviews to hire an employee at Google. Now it takes as little as 4. Can you imagine how much money that saves?

Check out the gatherDocs infographics page for more information on these and other fascinating statistics that you need to know—like the fact that applicant tracking systems can reduce interviews by 69%—that’s much less time wasted! The world is changing—is your company keeping up?


5 Things You Need to Know About Retail Employee Turnover

Improving Economy Means Turnover in Retail_gatherDocs InfographicDid you know that the improving economy is having an effect on employee turnover rates? How will this effect your company and your industry? Here are the top 5 things you need to know about how the improving economy is affecting recruitment:

1. The economy is improving—and that means greater employee turnover rates in retail. An improving economy is great for everyone, but the retail industry is in a state of flux right now.

2. In 2013, job openings in retail have skyrocketed. In March, there were 396,000 job openings in retail. This grew to more than 529,000 in May! Who knows what the future holds—especially as the holiday season approaches.

3. 20% of retailers experienced increased rates of turnover in 2012. That’s a huge amount of employees quitting or getting let go—and it means that there are more job openings than ever in retail.

4. In 2012, there was a 67% increase in turnover in retail. And the trend doesn’t seem to be changing for 2013.

5. It costs up to $4,291 to replace an hourly worker. That’s 3 months salary for a full-time employee at $8 per hour! It pays to hold on to your current employees, but the most important thing to focus on is how to decrease recruitment costs. And one of the most effective ways to do that is by using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

If you would like to learn more about managing your retail or service industry recruitment process in a better way, click here to view the applicant tracking system benefits of gatherDocs.

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5 Quick Steps to Take Your Hiring Mobile

I was published in a recent article in FranchisingUSAMagazine and thought the topic was very valuable to our readers so it’s posted again here:

cell phones

The days of the PC are numbered and mobile devices are to blame. The decline in PC sales, nationally and globally, has been well documented for quite some time now. We see companies like Dell, at one point the largest PC maker, doing their best IBM impression while scrambling to restructure its organization and develop new services. At Hewlett Packard, CEO Meg Whitman has the daunting task of cutting 24,000 jobs by 2014 due to the slump in PC Sales. Needless to say, PC makers are in trouble.

Conversely, people are consuming more data than ever. I formerly worked in the television industry and we always relied on TV being the number one medium. That trend is coming to an end. In 2013, eMarketer estimates that adults will spend more than five hours consuming digital media every day. This will eclipse the four and a half hours that we spend each day attempting to become a crispy Frito Lay – and signifies the end of an era. Mobile accounts for nearly 50 percent of the time spent consuming digital media, proving that it is one of the driving forces behind the decline of the PC. Read on

4 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Job Application Infographic

Job Applicants Going Mobile_gatherDocs Infographic

You know it’s a smartphone and tablet world. More and more, the youngest and most advanced job seekers are browsing and applying to jobs from their phones—which means you need a mobile job application. Here are 4 reasons why you company would benefit from a smartphone-optimized job application:

1. 1 out of every 4 job applicants WILL NOT apply to a company if they don’t have a mobile optimized site. How much great talent is your company missing out on by not having a mobile page?

2. Of the 11 million active job seekers, 1/3 already want a mobile job application or career page. How many of them will go through the trouble of bookmarking your company’s website, then revisiting it later on a desktop to fill out an application?

3. 3 out of 5 job seekers searched for jobs using mobile devices in 2012. And of course that number is only going to grow for 2013. It’s time to skate to where the puck is going to be.

4. Mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktops and laptops by 2015. The future is coming. For China and India, it’s already here. But the signs are clear: mobile is the way of the future. Get your strategy in place now with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that offers mobile-optimized job applications.

Feel free to embed this infographic on your own website or blog using the following embed code:

<a href=”https://www.gatherdocs.com/a/applicant-tracking-infographics”><img style=”width: 100%; height: auto;” alt=”screenshot1″ src=”http://www.gatherdocs.com/a/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Job-Applicants-Going-Mobile_gatherDocs-Infographic.jpg” width=”1075″ height=”725″ /></a> Read on