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Is your business planning on hiring any new employees in the upcoming year? Do you see yourself growing? How is your hiring process? Is your HR as streamlined as you would like it to be? How much does it cost to hire a new employee, anyway? How much money and time do you think you could save if you found a better way? Well, it’s the 21st century now, and there is a better way. You don’t have to be stuck with old outdated paper filing methods and red tape. And get this—you can sign up for a trial run absolutely FREE!

You may already know this, but the way to hire has been here, and it’s called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It’s the modern, internet-connected way to go from “We’re Hiring” to “You’re Hired!” in the easiest, most efficient way possible. With gatherDocs applicant tracking system, you can post a custom careers page, build a custom application form, and track all your applicants—all from one easy to use interface! And don’t forget that now is the time for mobile. You see people everywhere using their iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. But what if they could apply to your position from their mobile device? gatherDocs makes it easy. And you can start for free.

Could your company save money on your hiring process? Do you think that it could be easier for your HR people to do their jobs? Do you want the widest and most qualified group of applicants possible? gatherDocs is the easiest way to accomplish all your goals! You’ll be able to get rid of all the headache that comes with traditional hiring processes. And you can start your trial absolutely FREE! Don’t hesitate to join the future of HR and hiring by signing up for the Demo and Trial @