Online Sales? Brick-and-Mortar Retail Still King

brick and mortar

Are you in retail? Do you work in brick-and-mortar store locations? Do you ever get worried that online sales sites such as Amazon are endangering the future of your business? Does the growth in online shopping concern you? Do you ever think that, just maybe, Cyber Monday might completely replace Black Friday? Many retail businesses are concerned about the rise in online shopping among American consumers. But reports of brick-and-mortar’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Though online shopping is growing, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t shopping in person. That’s why online shopping accounts for only 6 percent of all retail sales.

And this trend doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. You might think that younger, more internet-savvy teens would be more into shopping online. And it is true—almost 80 percent of both sexes said that they shop online. But here’s the interesting thing: almost 80 percent of them said they preferred shopping in person.

And there are things that are just really hard to buy online. Food, for one. It’s still hard to do your grocery shopping online, especially for fresh fruits and vegetables. And how about buying a car? How are you going to take a test drive on Amazon? So though online sales are making strides in small goods (like books and electronics), there are plenty of areas where physical stores have the advantage. So is your company in retail? You shouldn’t be too worried about the future. After all, people still widely prefer to shop in person. And there have been phenomenal success stories in the past decade, like the Apple stores. So don’t give up physical retail just yet.