What Does Online Retail Mean for the 2013 Holidays?

online shopping

Does your business work in retail? Are you ever concerned that your brick-and-mortar stores might be facing too much competition from online retailers like Amazon? There’s no denying that the face of retail is changing, and it’s online retailers that are pushing the most change. For example, Bloomberg claims that Black Friday is becoming less important as more people are shopping online—with less importance in Cyber Monday, too, as consumers shop all weekend online and on their mobile devices. 

The good news is that the holiday season seems to be shaping up for a decent year for 2013. Might not be a record-breaker, but there’ll be a small amount of growth. That’s encouraging, considering this holiday shopping season is as short as it can get. But the explosive growth in online sales means that package delivery companies are the real winners in 2013. Amazon has even contracted with the US Postal Service to deliver packages on Sundays, a first for the Postal Service (or any major parcel delivery service).

The bottom line is this: 2013 is a good year to be in retail—much better than the recession years. And though brick-and-mortar stores aren’t seeing the growth that online retailers are, they’re still in a good position.