Why Boring Hourly Job Descriptions Are Hurting Your Applicant Pool

boring job description

A quick search of the top hourly job boards will illustrate that most companies are using boring hourly job descriptions that are broad and too generic to attract ideal candidates for open positions.  You’ll also find that many of them look shockingly similar- in fact they’re exactly the same!

A unique job description that is personalized to both your company and the needs of the position can help you stand out and find the right employee fast.  

Generic descriptions found online or pre-loaded into some applicant tracking software can be overused.  This presents a number of problems for both you and the job seeker. First, an applicant may see what looks like the same job listed multiple times and not apply, so you may be missing out on great potential candidates. Second, you may be attracting applicants that are not the best fit for you, causing you to spend more of your recruiting on unqualified applicants.

Job descriptions that are tailored to your business will stand out to the hourly talent pool. They will also look better when integrated to hourly job boards. This is especially true if your applicant tracking system is optimized to interface seamlessly like gatherDocs.

Customized job descriptions can also help you attract a more qualified applicant. For example, there may be dozens of retail positions listed for your city on an hourly job board. What makes your store different? The ideal candidate at Radio Shack may not be the ideal candidate at Victoria’s Secret. Likewise, if a retail store specializes in a niche area, such as vintage jewelry or organic cotton men’s denim, they can include the unique experience and knowledge that the ideal sales associate would have. This applies across all industries and can help to engage better applicants early on and give them a better understanding of your company and the open position. 

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