Holiday Retail Hiring Looks Optimistic

holiday hiring (help wanted sign)

Does your company depend on the holiday season? Do you need the Christmas shopping season to make sure that you pay the bills? Are you curious how the economy is doing, and how the government shutdown might have effected retail hitting for 2013? What does the forecast look like for Q4 2013? Well, the numbers are beginning to come in, and it looks like it may be good news for once. In fact, signs point to the highest levels of retail holiday hiring in 14 years. That means this Christmas will be one to remember.

The sources for all this good news include a Chicago-based executive consulting firm named Challenger, Gray & Christmas, and the US Department of Labor Statistics. According to the preliminary numbers, the hiring for October, 2013, was up 6.7% from October, 2012. And that number represents the largest amount of new employees hired in 14 years. And though October hiring doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good holiday quarter, it’s some good news in a year that was beginning to look pretty dismal. After the government shutdown, the still-slow economy, and a shorter than usual shopping season (with Thanksgiving being so close to Christmas this year), some people were beginning to get worried about Christmas 2013.

So if your business is in retail, you could be shaping up for a very good year. And if you work in hiring or HR for retailers, be peppered to fight other retail companies for the best hires. Remember, in the long run, a good holiday shopping season benefits us all.

Also, if your hiring process is broken or stressful, make sure you ask Santa for an applicant tracking system to make your hiring process easier and more enjoyable during the holidays!