Get the Word Out For Your Hiring

getting the word out

How is your company spreading the word about your job openings? Do you advertise, take out a post in Craigslist, hire a promotions company or consultant? Do you post your jobs to websites like Monster? Do you know if you’re doing the best you can when it comes to getting the most applicants that you can? Do you want more applicants, and stronger applicants to apply for your open positions? Well, one great place to start is your career page. If prospective employees visit your website, will they see the job page? What do they see if they click on it? How about when they come to your business physically? How can you make it easier for them to learn about your jobs and apply for them?

Hiring for your job openings isn’t just about the hiring or interview process. After all, the best HR practices and the most clever interview questions aren’t going to do much good if you haven’t gotten the applicants that you want. That’s why you should make it easy for your applicants to apply, and why you should post your openings to as many job listing websites as possible. Because the more applicants you get, the higher chances you have of finding the perfect fit.

But how do you manage all this? Setting up career pages, job openings signs, and posts to job list websites takes an enormous amount of time, right? Not anymore. By switching to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), your company can manage all of these things from one simple screen. Check out gatherDocs for the easiest in job postings, career pages, and more! With auto-generated hiring signs (so people can scan and apply right from their phones) to the ability to post to multiple job boards at once, gatherDocs is the easiest way to the perfect employee.