Some Full-Timers Kept after Holiday Hiring?

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What does hiring look like for your business in the next month? Will you be adding some more employees, like seasonal cashiers, stockers, and other help for the holiday retail season? How many of them do you think you’ll keep on after the holiday season? And how does that affect your hiring practices? Most retailers, stores, and delivery companies have to hire extra help around the holidays. There just isn’t enough help. And that’s why retail hiring is growing this year. In October, hiring for retail positions hit a 3-year high.

Even though some people were predicting that seasonal jobs wouldn’t be very strong this year, there were 159,000 new retail jobs in October, which was a 6.7 percent increase since 2012. And that number is the highest it’s been since 1999, when the economy was booming. So what does that mean for retail hiring practices? It depends. In a recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder, over half of retail business are planning to keep on some of their seasonal help as full-time employees. The idea of a business grabbing up seasonal workers and cutting them loose is a myth.

And so it’s important to hire the right people for your seasonal work. You never know how long they’ll be around. So be sure that your HR department has a clear idea of what your business needs, and a streamlined hiring process. One great way to maximize your hiring is by switching to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). With an ATS, your HR department can sort through, comment on, and pick out the best candidates.