Not Enough Applicants? 3 Tips to Get More

applicant pool of people

Let’s face it—you can always use a larger applicant pool when it comes to hiring. You want to choose the best among all applicants, after all. But it can be difficult sometimes to get people to apply for your job postings. What can you do if you’re not getting the volume of applications that you want? Here are some tips for boosting your presence and getting your job opening out there:

1. Social media

This one is huge. Lots of retail and service industries hire from a young applicant pool, and young people are using social media now more than ever. If you want to reach them, you need to go to where they are. It would be a great idea to post your job openings to popular websites, including

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Google Plus

• LinkedIn

2. Advertising

This can cost your business more than social media can, but you can also get good results by paying for advertising. Try your local paper, job flyers in well-known hangouts, and online advertising.

3. Networking connections

Never forget that you know lots of people! Try asking around—friends and relatives often know somebody who’s looking for work and would leap at a chance to apply for a job at your company. And don’t discount your employees, either. Each one has their own social circle that has potential job-seekers.

And when you’re working through your applications (in any amount), you could save time and money by using an Applicant Tracking System to manage all steps of the application and hiring process. From the first application to “You’re hired!” applicant tracking software will help your business stay organized and save precious time.