Don’t Let Your Interview Process Suck!

sucky interview

Is your business looking to hire more workers—like for the upcoming holiday shopping season, for instance? Is your HR gearing up to do interviews and screening applications? Are you dreading the interviewing process? Well, let’s face it—interviews kind of suck. But the good news is that you can improve your interviews, too, so that they’re more beneficial for both the applicants and for your business. Ready to learn more about how to improve your interviews? Here are three tips for better interviews:

• First, you should be sure to narrow down the field of applicants BEFORE you get to the interview process. Yup, that means that one of the best ways to have better interviews is to have fewer interviews. One great way to do this is to upgrade your HR’s hiring process with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This can help you compare applicants and narrow them down.

• Ask the right questions. Some hiring managers like to ask unexpected questions to trip up the applicants, or see how they react to stress. You can try out those tactics, but nothing’s better than targeted questions that show you what this applicant knows how to do. Remember, you want the applicant to do most of the talking. Sure, you want to tell them about the position, but they’re the ones under evaluation.

• Trust your gut. Don’t just go for the candidates that look good on paper—the whole point of the interview is to find out how they might fit in with your company’s culture and teams. And don’t be afraid to have the applicant meet other co-workers, so you can compare your impressions.

Happy Interviewing!!!!