Using Video Interviewing for Holiday Hiring

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If you’re a retail store manager or owner, one of your biggest challenges is likely staffing your business for the holiday season. This is the most important time of year for the retail industry. According to ShopperTrak, consumers spent $22.23 billion dollars over Black Friday and the following weekend in 2013. Missing out because you’re understaffed for the holiday rush could mean the difference between making a profit and taking a loss for the year. Read on

Keep Your Recruiting Fresh!

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Are you going to be looking to hire new employees? Well you better keep your recruiting strategy fresh and creative if you want to succeed. And while it is very important for your company to have its own voice,  it is also critical to know the recruiting trends that are coming, because they can help you better plan and increase your chances of success. You can never be certain about the future; however,  these trends can help you prepare for the most likely outcomes.

One major change that’s coming down the line is that hiring is predicted to get more expensive. That’s right, many of the areas of growth in hiring have been in high-demand fields like technology, healthcare, and finance—and that means the most qualified applicants are snapped up quickly. Another way that hiring is going to change is the ways that employers are going to get the word out about job openings. Hiring experts recommend that businesses treat their recruiting as they would their marketing. That is, develop your brand so that job seekers are coming to you because they think it will be an amazing experience, not because you simply need to hire someone.

Good luck!


A Surprise Winner in Hiring: US Manufacturing

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Are you involved in recruiting or HR in general? Are you concerned about the rates of unemployment in the United States? Well, while the economy still hasn’t recovered all the way to pre-recession levels, there are some surprising winners in the latest statistics. One leading area of job growth? US manufacturing.  Read on

Some Full-Timers Kept after Holiday Hiring?

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What does hiring look like for your business in the next month? Will you be adding some more employees, like seasonal cashiers, stockers, and other help for the holiday retail season? How many of them do you think you’ll keep on after the holiday season? And how does that affect your hiring practices? Most retailers, stores, and delivery companies have to hire extra help around the holidays. There just isn’t enough help. And that’s why retail hiring is growing this year. In October, hiring for retail positions hit a 3-year high. Read on

What Does Online Retail Mean for the 2013 Holidays?

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Does your business work in retail? Are you ever concerned that your brick-and-mortar stores might be facing too much competition from online retailers like Amazon? There’s no denying that the face of retail is changing, and it’s online retailers that are pushing the most change. For example, Bloomberg claims that Black Friday is becoming less important as more people are shopping online—with less importance in Cyber Monday, too, as consumers shop all weekend online and on their mobile devices.  Read on

How To Attract Great Employees? Show Them You Actually Care!

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Is your company looking to fill some positions soon? Do you want the best and most talented people possible? Are you looking in the right places? How do you get the top talent in your industry, anyway? Companies need the best employees in order to thrive. It’s as true for retailers and hospitality companies as it is for Fortune 500 companies or tech giants. But your company needs to offer the right things in order to entice the right people. Here are some ways you can hire the best people: Read on

Think You Know Your Stuff? 3 Tips for Hiring

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Is your business expanding? Needing more hands on deck? Looking for ways to woo the best employees? Needing some extra oomph in your HR? Lots of businesses are frequently looking to hire new talent, which means they’re constantly hiring. You’d think with all that practice, most businesses would get good at it, right? Well, there’s a lot that most companies can improve on when it comes to hiring and HR. Here are three tips for the best in hiring: Read on

Only A Few Shopping Days Left Til Christmas: Retail Forecasts

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Are you involved in retail? Does your business depend on the holiday season? Are you concerned about the upcoming 2013 holiday season? Is Santa going to come this year for all the good boys and girls? There are lots of businesses that are getting worried about the upcoming Christmas shopping season. And there are reasons to be a little nervous. First of all, Thanksgiving is very late this year. Because there are five Thursdays in November, Thanksgiving falls near the end of the month—on the 28th. That leaves less than 30 shopping days between Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. Read on

How Minimum Wage Impacts Retailers

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Is your company in retail? Are you looking to hire more employees? Are you concerned about the various campaigns around the country to raise the state minimum wages? Would you like to learn more about how minimum wage laws can impact businesses, especially in retail industries? Well, the good news is that there might be less to worry about than you might think—especially if your company is a small business in the retail sector. Don’t fear the minimum wage. Read on

Test Your Hiring IQ With The Recruiting Boss Quiz

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Are you looking to take your recruitment process to the next level? Are you planning on hiring any new employees in the foreseeable future—or even temporary employees, for the holiday season? How would you like to learn more about the best ways that you can manage your recruitment? Would you believe us if we told you that all this learning is completely free? Enter Recruiting Boss, powered by gatherDocs. RecruitingBoss is your friendly and easy way to learn valuable tips about:

• What makes a good recruiting strategy

• How to keep up with your applications

• How to communicate with your applicants, so they know their application didn’t disappear somewhere

• The best ways to manage your hiring and interviewing workflow Read on