Applicant Tracking Features

Three easy steps to you’re hired.

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Step 1: Customize your career page

Meet your gatherDocs account manager. We don’t like faceless robots any more than you do. That’s why gatherDocs gives you a real human being to answer your questions, provide personal or group training, and help you customize your hiring materials.

Your look and feel

When you create a gatherDocs account, we start by customizing your career page. You can add text, choose your company’s colors, and upload a logo to make your career page blend in seamlessly with your website. Add multiple locations for easy searching.

You can also determine who in your organization will have access to your gatherDocs account, with the ability to view applications, comment, and rate candidates.



Easy application builder

Now you’re ready to build your job application! You can use our standard application templates, tweak them, or create your own custom job applications from scratch with just a few clicks.

Your questions can be multiple choice, checklists, or more–even add an essay question if you like. Once you’ve built custom applications that work for you, save them as templates to use again and again.

Step 2: Spread the word

“We’re Hiring,” reinvented

gatherDocs makes it easy to recruit the best candidates, in-store or online. Your gatherDocs account manager will mail your “We’re Hiring” signs, complete with display holder. Instead of pulling your employees away from their jobs to handle applications, candidates can apply from their smartphones by scanning the QR code, texting a custom code to receive a link, or going directly to the website.

Mobile devices are the fastest-growing job application method, and the newest generation of employees relies on them for just about everything. gatherDocs is mobile hiring made easy.



logos3Easily manage multiple job boards

Once you’ve posted your jobs to your career page, you can find more applicants by posting to popular free or paid job boards, such as Indeed, Simply Hired or Monster. You can also increase your funnel by posting to popular social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Once you start hiring, you can use the intuitive gatherDocs suite of analytics tools to compare the candidates you’re getting from each source and determine which is sending you the best people.

Step 3: Start Hiring


Intuitive applicant tracking dashboard

Want to sit back and watch the applications roll in? Do it in real time with the gatherDocs dashboard. To find the best candidate for the job, filter applicants by job post, location applied to and time available.You can then evaluate and rate applicants to ensure which candidates are best fit for the job. You and your colleagues can take notes to make sure everyone is on the same page. You can also track where each candidate is in the hiring pipeline creating a more efficient workflow.

Simple candidate management

Now you can contact candidates for interviews, ask questions, or even extend a job offer—right from your gatherDocs dashboard. At gatherDocs, we think outside the inbox.

Managing the application process from your email account is a pain: you’re flooded with emails that interrupt your workday and pull you away from other duties, and you have no way to manage the hiring pipeline. With gatherDocs, all of your hiring information and communications are in one place, easily viewable with a single click for a better workflow that won’t let anything get lost in the shuffle.



Hire smarter with analytics

Want to hire smarter? Check your gatherDocs Analytics to find out where the best new recruits are coming from and where your job postings are getting the most views and shares. Our powerful tools let you break down the information so you can save time and money.Easy to understand, customizable, and fast, gatherDocs analytics brings you the data you need in ways that allow you to make better decisions. Don’t rely on guesswork. Let gatherDocs help you evaluate quickly, based on solid data.