Applicant Tracking System Benefits

gatherDocs is the fastest and easiest way to recruit, screen, and hire employees.

No file cabinets full of paper applications, no floods of emails: just a centralized, simple¬†applicant tracking system that starts at your “Now Hiring” sign or website.¬†gatherDocs makes your job easier through:


  • phone-iconMobile-Friendly Hiring


    • Your career page is optimized for mobile devices to meet candidates in the 21st century. Candidates can fill out your application directly in-store using their smartphones or tablets, or on their PCs at home.
    • Use one of our expert-designed templates or customize the application with your own questions. One out of four job seekers won’t even apply if there is no mobile option. gatherDocs helps you reach the next generation of candidates.

  • store-iconIn-location Recruitment

    Lead the pack with a “Now Hiring” sign that lets candidates apply via QR code, SMS or web—all inside your store or location of employment. Engage your candidates where they spend most of their time—on their mobile devices—and eliminate paper-based hiring at the same time.

  • Not only does mobile hiring make applying easier for candidates, it also frees up store employees from having to distribute, accept, and file applications.


  • forktag-iconBuilt for all Industries


    • We understand your challenges. Whether you only have a few positions you need to post for your corporate office, or you need to post the same job description at 450 retail locations, you can do both in just a few clicks. Can’t find someone to work the 5 AM shift? Need someone within a specific location? Filter applicants by availability and location and only see matching candidates. Everything in gatherDocs can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
    • The conversation and evaluation features in gatherDocs also make it easy for corporate recruiters and hiring managers to communicate and collaborate with other individuals in the hiring process. Most importantly, it saves you time, so you can get back to doing what you do best.


  • graph-iconReporting and Analytics

    • laptopTrack exactly where your applicants are coming from and who’s viewing your page to optimize your recruitment process. Determine which job boards lead to the most referrals, interviews and hires.
    • Track your time to hire, follow applicants down the recruitment pipeline, and use the instant, easy-to-understand information gatherDocs provides to make smarter decisions about your hiring process.